Looking to hire an Athletic Trainer for a camp, race, or event?

Our team of certified athletic trainers is available for short-term assignments and will be able to provide your athlete’s with excellent care and you with peace of mind.

How our process works:

  1.  All requests for athletic training services are completed on our website.  You will click on the link at the bottom of the page requesting services and complete the requested information.
  2. Once your request for athletic training coverage is received by Proflex PT, a representative will reach out to you by phone/email to confirm receipt of the request.  This will also give us a chance to learn more about your needs and what would work best for your event(s).
  3. A contract between your organization and Proflex PT will be completed.   This contract will be emailed to you to review and sign off.  This contract will be good for any future events that you may need coverage.
  4. Once the contract is signed and sent back to Proflex PT an athletic trainer will be assigned to cover your event.  You will receive an email with the athletic trainer’s name, contact information, and brief biography of your trainer.
  5. On the day of the event(s) our athletic trainer will arrive at their designated time and cover your event.
  6. Shortly following the event an invoice will be mailed to you and payment will be made to Proflex PT at that time.  No need to pay the trainer on the day of the event.

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If you would like more information or would like to hire an athletic trainer, please fill out the contact form below


1. How do I sign up? Use the sign-up box on this page

2. What qualifications do Proflex PT athletic trainers have? All of our trainers have attended at least four years of college and obtained a bachelor of science degree. They have all passed that national Board of Credentialing exam. In addition, they are all licensed as athletic trainers by the state of Maryland and have active evaluation and treatment protocols where they work under a supervising physician. All of our athletic trainers are also CPR/first aid certified. Outside of covering camps/events our athletic trainers cover high school athletics during each school year.

3. Why do we have to complete a contract? The contract lays out the details of the coverage that we will provide so that there are no unexpected surprises. You will know exactly what services you are getting when you sign the contract. It also protects your organization by allowing our trainers to be covered under our liability insurance.

4. How far in advance should I schedule? We have a staff of 10 athletic trainers. They are placed into assignments first come first serve so make your requests through Proflex PT as far in advance as possible to ensure an athletic trainer is available to cover your event.

5. What types of events do you cover? Our athletic trainers cover any sporting event where an athletic trainer is needed. These events can be one day long, week long camps, or ongoing, seasonal youth programs.

6. What area’s do you cover? We cover camps and events in Maryland, with the majority of these events around the Washington DC and southern Maryland regions.

Benefits of Working with Proflex PT for your Athletic Training Needs:

  1.  Convenience.  Proflex PT strives to make your search for athletic trainers easy.  The process is simple to request an athletic trainer.  Once the request is made and a contract is signed, you are notified who your athletic trainer will be, and your coverage needs are fulfilled. 
  2. Our athletic trainers that are assigned to cover your event(s) are covered by Proflex PT’s liability insurance.
  3. Our athletic trainers are all nationally certified and Maryland licensed athletic trainers who are experienced in evaluating, treating, and preventing sports injuries. 
  4. Our athletic trainers are all under the supervision of an orthopedic physician who specializes in sports medicine.  Our athletic trainers always are able to contact the physician with any injury questions that may arise.
  5. No payment required onsite.  You will be invoiced by mail for our services once the event is completed.  You no longer need to worry about paying for the athletic trainer at the end of each day of the event.