Fitness Craze: Pure Barre Edition

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My Experience: Did you know that it was possible to get a total body workout, sweat profusely, and only take 64 steps on your fit-bit? IT IS. And the workout is called Pure Barre. I recently had the opportunity to experience this new fitness craze at Pure Barre: Rockville, and it was eye-opening. Also, let me preface this by saying that I am the farthest thing from a ballerina you can possibly be, so don’t let the use of a ballet bar deter you from trying this amazing workout! There was no place for pink tutus or pointe shoes during this butt-busting workout.  I activated muscles I forgot I had and fatigued other muscles I’ve been neglecting, for what seemed like decades; which is saying something coming from a physical therapist who prides themselves on being a musculoskeletal and neuromuscular expert!

About the class:  Pure Barre was a 55- minute class that was a very low impact with an acute focus on core stabilization muscles with every motion. The movements seem slight, but the impact is great! This workout was great for targeting areas that many deem their ‘trouble areas.’ I ‘felt the burn’ in my legs, hips, butt, and core. The instructor was demonstrating movements and exercises, while also correcting form and giving help tips to modify if needed. My only trouble was flowing from 1 exercise to the next without having to stop and watch the instructor. You could tell who the veterans in the class were because they could almost anticipate the next move and seamlessly transition, which I’m sure just comes with practice!

Targets: The class flows from a high paced warm up into arm sculpting with light hand weights. The ballet barre is often used for balance and positioning while you are toning the thighs and targeting the glutes! The class also moves to the floor for targeted abdominal exercises as well as a relaxing cool down.

Who you Recommend or who you do not recommend to: Pure Barre class would be great for those high impact athletes looking to add more cross training to their routine. It's perfect for my sagittal plane movers (runners, bikers, rowers) that need strengthening in different planes to reduce the risk of injury, and those that are looking to add a low impact strengthening to improve core stability and promote long, lean muscle definition. If any of these sounds like you, definitely give the girls at Pure Barre: Rockville a try!

Dr. Megan Bish PT, DPT

Pure Barre

Location: King Farm Village Center, 402 King Farm Blvd #140, Rockville, MD 20850