What is your plan for game time injuries?

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What is your plan for game time injuries?  Through our experience, we have come to realize that the need for Certified Athletic Trainers is no longer limited to the sidelines of the college or high school athlete. This is a service needed at all levels of play where an injury is a possibility. As athletes, parents, and coaches, this is something we need to be aware of during events, camps, and practices.

Athletic trainers are health care professionals who are highly trained in the prevention, care, and treatment of athletic injuries.  Having an athletic trainer on site during competitions can potentially save time and money to both parents and organizations alike.  In seeing an injury as it occurs, an evaluation can happen immediately and a decision can be made whether to seek further medical care at an urgent care or other health care location.  The athletic trainer can also take care of minor ailments on-site so waiting for long periods of time at the emergency room can be skipped. 

ProFlex is now offering athletic training services to the youth sports organizations in Maryland. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all athletes and respond to injuries immediately. Our athletic trainers communicate with coaches and parents and help to coordinate any ongoing care that may be needed after an injury. This takes the pressure off of coaches from making medical decisions and allows them to focus on what is important; teaching kids how to play and enjoy the game.

Using ProFlex to acquire athletic training services can save your organization time.  Our coordinator will schedule an athletic trainer to attend the events you need to be covered and will inform you of who is attending and his or her contact information.  All of our athletic trainers are experienced and will provide great medical coverage for your sporting event.

The service is priced hourly. This allows us to make it affordable to your organization and ensures you only pay for the service you need when you need it.

If you would like for information about our athletic training services, please visit our website proflexpt.com/athletic-training-services or call Neil Brown, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Director of Athletic Training Services at 301-870-7366 or nbrown@proflexpt.com.