Our patients mean everything to us and we are deeply committed to delivering excellent quality care, helping and motivating every individual to achieve an optimal outcome. We respect and value every relationship and we think it shows! Read about what are patients are saying about us.

"My therapist was consistent and encouraging during therapy. My symptoms are less, I feel more confident about my general health and abilities and plan to continue my exercises at home. I feel less restricted and stronger. The atmosphere at therapy was always friendly and encouraging. I was always seen promptly. I will see my doctor and see if and when surgery is required and will be in touch again if needed. I had an excellent therapy experience."

Julia L.

"What I was most impressed with was the friendliness of the therapists. In the beginning, I was in a lot of discomfort and wasn't sure what to expect, or how successful the therapy would be. The initial evaluation was very thorough and the subsequent therapy sessions proved to be effective! The combination of sufficient therapy sessions and complete demonstration of my homework between sessions enabled me to improve quickly. I was pleased as well as my specialist! Thank you ProFlex!"

Denise G.

"I came in already feeling confident of a successful therapy encounter because of the way I was spoken to over the phone. My therapist had confidence in me right from the beginning saying I wouldn't be here long. She only had to show me what to do once and I took it from there. The exercises were tailored to my personal needs and really helped me here and at home. My evaluation was more than what was expected by me but not by my therapist. Thanks for all you have done to keep me on the road to complete recovery."

Robin B.

"I came to ProFlex in serious pain. It was tough for me to lift my left leg, bend down and even stretch. I was in pain and I needed some relief. Since working with my therapist, she has helped strengthen my left leg so that I am able to do stretches and bend down without feeling like my leg is going to give out on me or be in pain. I feel so much better and I know as long as I continue with the exercises she gave me I will be 100% better soon."

Aja J.

"I first came to ProFlex for pain in my right shoulder. After surgery to repair my rotator cuff I started therapy. My therapy sessions were wonderful although I was in a lot of pain. Each therapist was patient and kind but worked my butt off! As I slowly progressed they did not let up on me. Because of the staff at ProFlex my arm is finally feeling normal again. I would recommend ProFlex to anyone seeking therapy. Thanks again to the wonderful staff!"

Deborah L.

"When I first discovered that I needed surgery to decompress my ulnar nerve, I was quite worried. Following surgery, my right hand continued to be weak. However, following a couple of occupational therapy sessions I began to gain strength in my right hand and arm. Words cannot express my gratitude for the help that I received from my therapist who throughout my treatment demonstrated knowledge, skill, professionalism, and interest in her work. I feel much better now! I am so happy to be able to do chores and use my hand to write and type!"

Victoria S.

"My surgery was June 21. The doctor said recovery and rehab would take at least three months.  Everyone at ProFlex was wonderful and friendly. With their help and encouragement, my rehab was completed in about four weeks. Leann and Frank were  great and very knowledgeable! I would recommend them highly!"

Brenda B.

"I really enjoyed the therapy treatment that I received at ProFlex. The staff was wonderful. I looked forward to every visit. The staff was very caring and professional."

Linda L.

"My experience with therapy was truly a great one.  When I came into physical therapy I very stiff and with disbelief that my situation would improve, as I had problems for quite some time. I let my guard down and trusted my therapist, which I haven’t been able to do in the past. Karen is a very straight forward person and I trusted her skill/knowledge and ability to handle my situation. Thus I was able to let go of my fear and allow her to rehabilitate me. I really liked receiving copies of the exercises to take home and continue rehabilitation. I will refer others based on my experience. Thank you and continue your stride."

Charlene C.

"I came to RCSM because I broke my wrist and when I came out of my cast I was really stiff. But due to ProFlex I have all my movement and strength back. They have a great staff here and a great program.  And Jill is the best!"

Derrick B.

"It’s not often that I can say I look forward to going to the doctor, but I actually looked forward to going to my weekly therapy session. The therapists at ProFlex are very ethical and professional. I can wholeheartedly say they had my best interest in mind. They often pushed me when I was satisfied with giving my bare minimum. I felt welcomed the moment I walked through the door. The receptionists are always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand. Each therapist has a pleasing and caring attitude. I felt like family throughout my whole therapy session and was thoroughly pleased with their work. If I ever need therapy again, there is no question as to where I would go. Thank you Pamela, Trenna, Tracey, Christine and Trina."

Mandell J.

"The therapy sessions at ProFlex were always friendly and successful. All the therapists made you feel very comfortable while working to improve what was necessary for your injuries. After my month long time of doing therapy at ProFlex, my strength and range of motion definitely improved. I also enjoyed the time at every session."

Debra. D

"I would like to thank ProFlex for the outstanding care and treatments I received from Leann and Frank during my recent rehab sessions. Both of the therapists are extremely competent and professional in their work. I would also like to thank the support staff."

Jerry E.

"I arrived in early April with a very severe injury on my dominant hand/wrist, which had been surgically repaired. With the sessions with Frank over the past weeks I have made great improvement. I am so appreciative of the care, respect and general well-being I have received here at ProFlex. I am very grateful and thankful for all benefits received. I am a happy graduate!!! Thanks Frank and staff!"

Pam H.

"I had an amazing time rehabilitating here. All my therapists, their assistants and receptionists did an amazing job and treated me with the utmost respect. They have helped me achieve all my goals throughout my healing, I even had the opportunity to have an exercise named after me. I have been referring people to come here since day one and I will always continue to. I thank everyone from ProFlex from the bottom of my heart."

Robert. M.

"I came in for shoulder strengthening and to work on range of motion. It was a nice environment with a great staff and accommodating hours. I have been able to schedule times that cost me the least amount of time off."

David F.

"I injured my ankle in a football game. I was first at a different rehab center but I felt like I wasn’t being pushed hard enough so I came to ProFlex. I had the opportunity to work with Neil and Jason and they pushed me to help rehabilitate my ankle as quickly as possible. It wasn’t all work, it was fun to be with them and I enjoyed coming here. I would recommend them for future patients."

Conner C.