Through this innovative program, ProFlex Physical Therapy’s TPI-certified medical professionals perform a comprehensive assessment of how efficiently YOUR body is moving within the golf swing.

The Titleist Performance Institute was founded through immense analysis, research, and data collection on how the body moves EFFICIENTLY and INEFFICIENTLY in the golf swing. 

This research was paired with clinical understandings of kinesiology, physics, and fitness/rehabilitation. The result is a program that not only identifies where/how your body moves inefficiently in the golf swing, but one that also shows you how to become efficient.

Your TPI professional will ultimately be able to identify key swing characteristics as well as key physical (range of motion, strength, etc.) characteristics that are impacting your golf swing positively or negatively.

Through the evaluation, we discover the most effective pathway for you to improve. Whether that is through in-clinic interventions such as manual therapy and exercise program development/performance or referral to a golf professional or coach.

What is Efficiency in the Golf Swing?

Efficiency is:

  • An effective transfer of energy from the ground up to the body, then back down to the ground.
  • Repeatable/Precise
  • Getting the most out of what YOUR body is capable of doing 

Efficiency is NOT necessarily:

  • How your swing “looks” at a glance (e.g. Jim Furyk’s golf swing is equally if, not more efficient than many of his peers on tour). 

Who Can Participate? How Does it Work?

Golfers of ALL ages, playing levels, and body types are welcome! Participants are evaluated/screened by our TPI-certified professional. 

The evaluation includes:

  • Clinical assessment by an OT/PT (i.e. evaluating ROM/Flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination
  • Functional Movement Assessment (TPI Screen and SFMA Assessments)
  • Video swing assessment (V1 Golf coaching system)

Treatment at ProFlex PT may include:

  • Manual Therapy Techniques 
  • Custom exercise program development, instruction, and performance
  • One-on-one or group based in-clinic treatment/exercises with our TPI professional
  • Coordination with your team (medical doctor, golf professional, trainer, golf coach, etc.)

Our Goals?

  • Make sure the player has as much pain-free functional movement as he/she is capable of. Safe pain-free movement is the priority.
  • Make the player independent with his/her exercises. Incorrectly performed exercise are not only inefficient, but can also potentially cause harm. The player should feel confident performing all exercises provided.
  • Progress the player's program based on continuous assessment of functional movement as it pertains to the efficient body-swing connection
  • Improve the way the player controls his/her body in the golf swing. Ultimately, leading to a more efficient swing with greater consistency and distance.
  • Improve, the player’s overall awareness of what his/her body can do in the golf swing; leading to better swings, better scores, and a greater enjoyment of the game!

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"In April 2016 I began working with Rye Stinson in the golf program. Rye is a certified Titleist Performance Institute instructor. After taking some measurements Rye was able to determine what exercises I needed to focus on to increase my flexibility. The exercises were demonstrated and Rye made sure I was doing them correctly during several visits with him. These exercises have helped me tremendously and are part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend any golfer adapt these exercises. Since I began this program I've gained flexibility and don't have a sore back anymore and have played some pretty consistent golf. Thanks again Rye."

-Joe F. (2016 Southern Maryland Senior Champion)

"The experience I had with the Golf Program with Rye Stinson was a great learning experience. The evaluation helped me understand my body and why I am doing certain things with my golf swing.  The plan provided by Rye, has helped me with my posture and flexibility.  Thanks for the time and information."

-Kevin F. (Two Time Maryland State 2 Man Champion)

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