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Athletic Trainer Performs Life Saving CPR

Many people may not be aware that ProFlex Physical therapy provides athletic training to all high schools in Charles, St. Mary’s and 4 schools in Southern Prince Georges County.  We have done so for over 15 years.  For those of us sitting in the stands watching our children compete in their favorite sport, you can take comfort in knowing that you have some incredibly well trained and compassionate individuals caring for these athletes.  This became very apparent to one young man last week.

On the evening of February 4, 2020, Haley Squires, the ProFlex athletic trainer assigned to cover Great Mills High school, was covering basketball practice when a young man suddenly collapsed.  Haley immediately assessed this young man and recognized that he was not breathing and had no pulse. 

Haley worked to direct the efforts of the coaches and other staff on the scene.  She started CPR and began use of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED).  He had no pulse.  A shock was administered by the AED and Haley continued to administer CPR. This care continued following the arrival of EMS until they were able to re-establish a strong enough pulse to transport this young man to a nearby hospital.  Once stable, the young man was then transported by Trooper 7 to a regional hospital where he is recovering. 

Haley and all of those present are responsible for this young man’s survival.  Their calm yet focused actions prevented what could have been a tragedy that evening. 

We are very proud to have Haley as part of our team.  Our athletic trainers do so much more than simply tape sore ankles and provide ice packs.  They are professionals trained to provide care at many levels.  We are proud that our local schools have put their trust in us to provide this care:

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