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Limber Health: Home Exercise

ProFlex has partnered with Limber Health to make keeping up with your exercises at home easier than ever. Limber Health provides you with an easy-to-use mobile app where you’ll receive guided videos of the exercises prescribed by your ProFlex provider. You’ll also receive at-home virtual support from a dedicated coach.

When it comes to your recovery, your home exercise program is a key to your success. In fact, patients that complete 15 or more home exercise sessions are 9 times more likely to have a great outcome. 

How will Limber help with my recovery?

Research shows that receiving support between your follow up appointments results in a more successful home exercise program and a quicker path to recovery.

What are the benefits of using Limber Health?

  • Guided on-screen video demonstrations of the home exercises prescribed by your provider with voice instructions.
  • Easy-to-use and secure Limber Health mobile app.
  • Dedicated virtual support from a Limber Health Care Navigator, a licensed therapy professional to provide you coaching and motivation between in-clinic visits.
  • Reminders from the Limber app to help you to stay on track and complete your home exercise sessions
  • On-demand support: Have a question? Chat one-on-one with your dedicated Limber Care Navigator right inside the Limber app.
  • Progress tracking: Track recovery progress with pain and function levels and daily step count in the app.


Is Limber Health Right for You?

During your evaluation, our therapists will discuss the Limber Health program and app. If your therapist enrolls you in the program, you can expect to receive a call from your Care Navigator in the next business day to schedule your Welcome Call. You will also receive more information via email. Be sure to answer phone calls from your Care Navigator! During this call they will help support you to get started using the app and beginning your home exercise program.

What ProFlex patients are saying about Limber:

“Seeing the model during my exercise sessions at home has really helped almost imprint the movement and cues into my memory bank. I hear the instructions as I am going through the program at home and in the clinic. It has really made a big difference.” –ProFlex patient

“I am really pleased with this app so far. It’s a great program and app. I really appreciate having the video model to follow along with and this extra support at home. I have a great rapport with my team in the clinic too!”

“This app is a real upgrade to my therapy experience. I really like knowing I have your support if and when I need it and that I will continue to have access to my home program on the app when my therapy in the clinic does end. I’ve had therapy a number of times over the years, but never have I had the ability to access my exercises at home like this before.”

“Having Limber really helps to keep me honest with my exercises at home and it’s nice to have someone to share my progress with as well!”

“I really like that this app helps me stay accountable, I prop it up right next to me and just follow right along, it is great!”

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