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Thomas Meeusen PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

“Nothing in biology makes sense but in the light of evolution.”

Theodosius Dobzhansky

Thomas, a native of Chantilly, Virginia, discovered his passion for physical therapy through an internship during his high-school anatomy class. Spending 25 hours observing in an outpatient orthopedic clinic left a lasting impression on him. It wasn’t until nine years later, in 2017, that Thomas fulfilled his dream, graduating from VCU’s physical therapy program and stepping into the role of a licensed physical therapist.

His journey through graduate school was fueled not only by his dedication to physical therapy but also by his love for comparative anatomy and evolutionary biology. Thomas found immense joy in exploring the intersections of these sciences with his field of study, further enriching his understanding of the human body.

Currently serving as a full-time physical therapist at our Aquia location in Stafford, VA, Thomas extends his services beyond typical outpatient orthopedic care. He has broadened his skill set by pursuing continuing education courses in vestibular rehabilitation and functional dry needling, offering both specialized services at his office.

When Thomas is not playing with his golden doodles Ollie and Winnie or spending quality time with his wife, he enjoys reading, writing, and working on whatever house projects his wife dreams up for him (Maritza is also a therapist here at ProFlex, and he would like you to please give her grief for this).